1. Copper Alloy Sheets and Plates:
Experience the exceptional conductivity and corrosion resistance of our copper alloy sheets and plates. Crafted to meet the demands of various applications, these sheets and plates come in diverse grades and finishes, making them suitable for industries requiring both functionality and aesthetics.

2. Copper Alloy Bars and Rods:
Precision-engineered for superior performance, our copper alloy bars and rods offer excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion. With options for round, square, and hexagonal profiles, these bars and rods are ideal for applications where conductivity is crucial.

3. Copper Alloy Pipes and Tubes:
Our copper alloy pipes and tubes are designed for seamless performance, delivering both thermal and electrical conductivity. Crafted with precision, these pipes and tubes are suitable for applications ranging from plumbing to electrical systems.

4. Copper Alloy Fittings and Flanges:
Integrate your systems with confidence using our copper alloy fittings and flanges. Engineered for precision and reliability, these fittings and flanges ensure leak-free performance, meeting the highest industry standards for quality and durability.

5. Copper Alloy Fasteners:
Elevate your projects with the exceptional conductivity of our copper alloy fasteners. From bolts and nuts to screws and washers, these fasteners are engineered for durability, providing steadfast support in critical electrical and mechanical applications.

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