317L Stainless Steel Pipe

What Is 317L Stainless Steel Pipe?

Stainless steel 317L is an austenitic low-carbon grade. The 317L Stainless Steel Pipe is designed with an excellent composition of 19% chromium and 13% nickel with 3.15% of molybdenum alloys. The outstanding content gives the 317L Pipe high levels of corrosion resistance. These pipes have enhanced tolerance to pitting and can work well in environments containing sulfurous media, chlorides, and halides. The low content of carbon in the SS 317L Pipe allows welding procedures to take place without incurring any intergranular corrosion or carbide precipitation. This allows the SS 317L Pipe to be welded to subsequent products with standard welding procedures. The versatile grade is non-magnetic in the annealed condition and cannot be heat treated.

What Is ASTM A312 TP317L?

The A312 Tp317L is a grade that is intended for use in high-temperature and pressure applications. ASTM A312 TP317L grade covers piping components in seamless, straight-welded, and heavily cold-worked austenitic types. The grade of SA312 TP317L can be seen in moderate corrosive systems and is a feature in boiler and pressure vessel grades. The components in this grade have a minimum tensile strength of 595mpa with a minimum yield strength of 260mpa. 

Stainless Steel 317L Pipe Specification
317L Stainless Steel Pipe (OD)21.3 - 660 Milimeter (1/2 Inch - 26 Inch)
Product NameStainless Steel 317L Pipe
317L Pipe SAW16 100 NB
317L Tubing LSAW / DSAW16'OD TO 54 OD (8 MM TO 50 MM THK)
317L Stainless Steel Tubing ERW and HFW1/2 Inch NB - 24 Inch NB
ASTM A312 TP317L endBE Beveled end, PBE -Plain Both Ends, TOE -Treaded One End, TBE Treaded Both Ends, BLE Bevel large end, BBE -Bevel both ends, BSE -Bevel small end, POE Plain One End, BOE-Beveled One End
1.4438 tubing Wall ThicknessSCH-5S SCH-10 SCH-5, SCH-80S SCH-40, SCH-STD SCH-80 SCH-XS SCH-XXS SCH-40S SCH160,SCH-10S
SA312 TP317L Length3000 Milimeter, 2000 Milimeter, Double Random Length (DRL), Custom Length, 12000 Milimeter, 20FT, Single Random Length (SRL), 6000 Milimeter, 40FT, SRL, DRL
Available shape of317L Hex Pipe
SS 317L PipeAISI 317L Stainless Steel Semi-Round Pipe
Stainless Steel 317L Rectangle Hollow Section
AISI 317L U-Bend Tube
317L SS Square Pipe
Stainless Steel Grade 317L Rectangular Tube
UNS $31703 Coiled Tubes
ASTM A312 TP317L Hydraulic Tubing
1.4438 Stainless Steel Oval Tube
SUS 317L Elliptical Tubing
317L Semi-Rhomboid Pipe
Grade 317L Triangle Pipe
1.4438 Honed Tube
SS 317L Pan Cake Coils
317L Stainless Steel Round Pipe
SA312 TP317L Square Hollow Pipe
Alloy 317L Semi-oval Pipe
SS 317L Seamless Pipe Surface Finish & Delivery ConditionNO.1. HL 4K, NO.4, Polished Polish 2B, 8K. Cold Drawn BA. Mirror, Annealed & Pickled Bright Annealed
Types Of SS 317L Pipe

317L Stainless Steel Pipe

317L Pipe

317L Stainless Steel Tubing

317L Tubing

304L Stainless Steel Tubing

ASTM A312 TP317L

SA312 TP317L

SA312 TP317L

Stainless Steel 317L Tube

SS 317L Pipe

SS 317L Tube

SS 317L Seamless Pipe

Dimensions And Weight Chart Of 317L Stainless Steel Pipe
WallIDLbs./Ft.Bursting PSIWorking PSI
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