DIN 2391 ST35 Steel Pipe

DIN is a grade of the German Institute that standardizes different equipment types. DIN 2391 ST35 Steel Pipe is designed with a chemical composition consisting of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, and sulfur. The outstanding content embedded in the ST 35 Steel Pipe gives them enhanced resistance against corrosive and oxidative media in an array of stress-induced environments. The ST35.8 Material showcases excellent mechanical properties. They have a minimum tensile strength of 480mpa while showcasing a minimum yield strength of 235mpa. ST35 Steel Tube can be readily elongated by a minimum of 25% and still possess excellent workability. The high-strength ST35 Pipe has an outer dimension between 4mm to 60mm. They show a wall thickness of 0.5mm to 8mm and have lengths of a maximum of 6000mm.

The piping components in this grade are produced in seamless and welded types. ST 35 NBK Seamless Pipe is produced through an extrusion process as hot billets are passed through steel to precisely shape the grade. DIN 1.0308 Welded Tube is manufactured by welding pieces of sheet or strips to form a strong tube. These tubes are cheaper than the versatile 1.0308 ST35 Seamless Tube. The seamless tubes however showcase enhanced strength and load-bearing capacity in an array of environments. ST35BK Smls Pipe is limited to 24 inches in size. The pipes require special equipment to produce, thereby being a little more expensive than standard grades. Designed with a circular cross-section the 1.0308 Steel Seamless circular tubes can be either hot or cold-rolled to give the tubes enhanced resistance to toxic and reducing media. The ST35.4 Cold Finished Tube has excellent surface quality and enhanced tolerances as compared to a regular hot rolled tube. DIN 17175 ST35.8 Annealed Tube has higher toughness and outstanding ductility.

The DIN 2391 ST35 GBK Precision Steel Tube is a precise grade showing high brightness and is generally produced by cold drawing or rolling of the tube. DIN 2391 ST 35 NBK Steel pipes that are designed in India have versatile characteristics and are cheaper due to the abundant labor and raw materials available in the country that are necessary to produce the ST 35 Steel Honed Tube. The strategic location of the country also allows it to have a stronghold in the logistics chain compared to foreign countries. 

DIN 2391 ST 35 Specification
StandardDIN 2391
SizeOD (4-190 milimeter) x WT (0.5-15 milimeter)
Outer Dimensions4.0 milimeter - 60.0 milimeter
Wall Thickness0.5 milimeter - 8 milimeter
Lengthmax 6000 milimeter
ST35 STeel Tube Length Tolerance
Component length (mm)OD 30-100 mmOD 100-254 mm
10-100+ 1.0/- 0+ 2.0/- 0
100-600+ 20/- 0+ 3.0/- 0
600-1200+ 3.0/- 0+ 4.0/- 0
1200-5000+ 5.0/- 0+ 6.0/- 0
Stock Of ST35bk Smls Pipe
DIN 2391 Steel PipeDIN 1.0308 Annealed Tube
DIN 2391 PipeDIN 1.0308 Steel Honed Tube
1.0308 Steel TubeDIN 2391 ST35 GBK Precision Steel Tube
DIN 1.0308 Steel PipeSteel Seamless circular tubes
ST35.8 Material1.0308 Seamless Tube
ST 35 NBK PipeDIN 1.0308 Welded Tube
DIN 23911.0308 NBK TubesDIN 2391 ST 35 NBK Steel Pipe
1.0308 NBK MaterialDIN 2391 Tube
DIN 1.0308 PipeDIN 2391 Pipe
DIN 1.0308 Smls PipeDIN 2391 NBK Seamless Pipe
DIN 1.0308 Cold Finished Tube
DIN 2391 ST 35 Nbk Pipes Designation
Manufacturing Process Of ST 35 Nbk Material
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