ST52 Pipe

What Is ST52 Tube?

ST52 is a structural low-carbon steel grade. ; ST52 Steel Tube; is designed with a chemical composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, and sulfur alongside other alloying materials. This allows the; ST52 Tube; to work well in corrosive environments and high-pressure environments. They are designed with a thickness of 5mm up to 300mm. The; ST52 Carbon Steel Pipe; is a high-strength grade that is available in lengths between 3000mm to 12000mm. These pipes work well across elevated temperatures. The; ST52 Steel Material; is designed to possess superior mechanical properties. The material has a minimum yield strength of 355mpa with a tensile strength between 490 and 630mpa. ; ST52 Pipe; can be readily elongated by 22% and is a common fixture in food processing, agricultural machinery, earth moving equipment, compressors, pneumatic cylinders, boiler systems, etc. 

What Is DIN 2391 ST52 Nbk?

DIN 2391 ST52 nbk is a precision mild or low carbon grade. The; DIN 2391 ST52 NBK Tube; is capable of withstanding high temperatures. These tubes are produced in the normalized condition in controlled setups. The; ST52 S355 Annealed Tube; is annealed above the upper transformation point. The annealed tubes showcase good tolerance to reducing environments. 

ST52 Pipe Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength, MPaYield Strength, MPaElongation, %Delivery Condition
640 min-4 min+C
580 min-7 min+LC
580 min450 min10 min+SR
450 min-22 min+A
490-630355 min22 min+N
ST35 STeel Tube Length Tolerance
Component length (mm)OD 30-100 mmOD 100-254 mm
10-100+ 1.0/- 0+ 2.0/- 0
100-600+ 20/- 0+ 3.0/- 0
600-1200+ 3.0/- 0+ 4.0/- 0
1200-5000+ 5.0/- 0+ 6.0/- 0
Stock Of ST35bk Smls Pipe
DIN 2391 Steel PipeDIN 1.0308 Annealed Tube
DIN 2391 PipeDIN 1.0308 Steel Honed Tube
1.0308 Steel TubeDIN 2391 ST35 GBK Precision Steel Tube
DIN 1.0308 Steel PipeSteel Seamless circular tubes
ST35.8 Material1.0308 Seamless Tube
ST 35 NBK PipeDIN 1.0308 Welded Tube
DIN 23911.0308 NBK TubesDIN 2391 ST 35 NBK Steel Pipe
1.0308 NBK MaterialDIN 2391 Tube
DIN 1.0308 PipeDIN 2391 Pipe
DIN 1.0308 Smls PipeDIN 2391 NBK Seamless Pipe
DIN 1.0308 Cold Finished Tube
DIN 1.0570 Seamless Steel Tubes Od Chart
ST 52 Pipe TypesWall thicknessOut diameterLength
TU 52-b Carbon Steel Pipe (as per need)SCH 10 / SCH 5 / SCH 80 / SCH 40 / SCH 1601/2" NB 60' NBCustom
FE 510 ERW Pipe (as per need)as per need1/2" NB 24" NB
DIN 1.0580 Welded Pipe (ready stock+ as per need)1/2" NB 24" NB
ST 52 SAW Pipe16" NB 100' NB
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