ASTM A335 P5 Pipe

What Is ASTM A335 P5 Pipe?

ASTM A335 is a seamless ferritic alloy grade. The ASTM A335 P5 Pipe is designed with a chemical composition consisting of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, silicon, chromium, and molybdenum. The outstanding content embedded in the ASTM A335 Gr P5 Chrome Moly Pipe gives it enhanced tolerance and resistance in reducing and oxidative environments. The versatile A335 P5 Chrome Pipe has excellent strength and good wear resistance properties. These pipes restrain grain growth, making them less susceptible to embrittlement. The P5 Pipe material is designed with excellent mechanical properties. They possess a minimum tensile strength of 415mpa with a minimum yield strength of 205mpa. The A335 P5 material can be easily elongated by 30% in the system. This allows the material to be shaped in a range of sizes and shapes to meet different requirements.

The A335 P5 Pipe requires higher strength and tolerances this is why these pipes are generally designed in seamless configurations. ASTM A335 P5 Seamless Pipe is a type that is designed by passing hot steel billets through an extruded metal to shape the pipe in the correct dimensions. This gives the SA 335 P5 High-Temperature Seamless Pipe enhanced strength and outstanding load-bearing capacity. The pipes can handle high temperatures as gases and fluids are moved at extreme speeds in the A335 Gr P5 High-Pressure Pipe. The pipes in this grade are designed in a schedule between SCH 40 to SCH 160 and XXS. They have a thickness of 3mm to 12mm. SA335 P5 Round Pipe is a pressurized vessel pipe that has a circular cross-sectional area. These pipes can be designed in seamless, welded, or ERW types. The P5 Pipe is seen in hostile environments and is widely used in machine building, power generation, petrochemicals, gas processing, sugar, fertilizer industries, refinery applications, and so on. An Alloy Steel P5 Pipe produced in India has superior characteristics and is cheaper due to the abundant labor and raw material available in the country. 

ASTM A335 P5 Specification
Types Of SA335 Gr P5 High Temperature Seamless Pipe

SA 335 P5 Pipe material

A335 Gr P5 Seamless pipes

SA335 P5 Hot rolled pipes

ASTM A335 Gr P5 Seamless pipes

A335 P5 Pipe

DIN 1.7362 Hot Finished Seamless Pipes

A335 Gr P5 Cold drawn pipes

X12CrMo5 Chrome Moly Pipes

5Cr Boiler Pipes

ASTM A335 P5 Pipe

UNS K41245 SMLS Pipes

P5 Pipe

SA 335 gr P5 Seamless Pipes

ASTM A335 P5 Steel Material

SA335 P5 Round Pipes

As ASTM A335 Gr P5 Boiler Steel Pipes Thickness
NPS [DN] DesignatorTolerances, % fromSpecified
Above 2 1/2 [65], t/D < or=5%22.5%12.5%
1/8 to 21/2 [6 to 65] incl., all t/D ratios20.0%12.5%
Above 2 1/2 [65], t/D > 5%15.0%12.5%
(t=Specified Wall Thickness; D=Specified Outside Dia)
SA335p5 Seamless Pipe Sizes
O.D. x ThicknessO.D x ThicknessO.D x Thickness
38.1 x 3.2mm57.0 x 4.9mm76.2 x 4.0mm
38.1 x 4.0mm57.0 X 6.3mm76.2 x 5.0mm
38.1 x 6.3mm57.0 x 7.9mm76.2 x 6.3mm
42.4 x 3.2mm60.3 X 3.2mm82.5x4.5mm
42.4 x 4.0mm60.3 x 3.6mm88.9 X 3.2mm
44.5 x 3.2mm60.3 X 5.0mm88.9 x 3.6mm
44.5 X 6.3mm63.5 x 3.2mm88.9 X 4.0mm
48.3 x 3.2mm63.5 x 3.6mm101.6 X 3.6mm
48.3 X 3.6mm63.5 x 4.0mm101.6 X 4.5mm
50.8 x 4.5mm63.5 x 6.3mm101.6 X 6.3mm
51.0 x 3.2mm63.5 x 7.9mm114.3 X 3.6mm
51.0 X 3.6mm70.0 x 3.2mm114.3 x 5.0mm
51.0 x 6.3mm70.0 x 3.6mm139.7 x 4.0mm
57.0 X 3.2mm70.0 x 6.3mm139.7 X 5.0mm
57.0 X 3.6mm76.2 x 3.6mm139.7 X 6.3mm
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