IS 1239 Pipe

IS 1239 is a grade that comes under the Bureau of Indian Standards for steel. IS 1239 Pipe is designed with a chemical composition consisting of carbon, manganese, phosphorous, and sulfur. The IS 1239 Steel Pipes showcase enhanced tolerance and resistance to reducing and corrosive media across stress-induced setups. IS 1239 Part 2 piping components come in sizes ranging between ½ to 36mm. They can be heat treated in standard procedures like normalizing, quenching, etc. The pipes in this Indian grade can be galvanized or coated with anti-corrosive paint. The IS 1239 Gi Pipe is coated with zinc or nickel to increase the resistance of the pipe in stress-induced setups. The coating on the Gi Pipe IS 1239 corrodes or erodes first before the reducing acids can attack the main component of the pipe. In the IS 1239 MS pipe, the content of carbon embedded in the grade is low. This allows them to be easily welded or fabricated to subsequent modules. MS Pipe IS 1239 is used in different applications, namely firefighting, sewage treatment, structural applications, etc.

The piping components in this grade can be designed in seamless and welded configurations. The IS 1239 Seamless Pipe is produced through an extrusion process, wherein hot billets are passed to precisely shape the pipe grade. These pipes have enhanced strength and load-bearing capacity than the IS 1239 ERW Pipes. The EW pipes are rolled and welded longitudinally using electrofusion technology. The EW pipe grade is cheaper than the seamless type. IS 1239 Class C is subject to vigorous testing to eliminate any flaws or defects in the production of the items in this grade.

The IS 1239 grade is designed in different grades namely the IS 1239 YST 210, 240, 310, and 335. The YST 210 is the first and the weakest grade among the remaining grades. The IS 1239 YST 240 grade has moderate strength and is designed in sizes between ½ NB up 36 NB. The piping components of this grade are available in schedules from SCH 40 to SCH 160 and XXS, which is similar to the IS 1239 YST 310 grade. This grade can be easily shaped in square, circular, rectangular, or hydraulic cross-sectional areas. The versatile IS 1239 YST 355 is high strength and extreme pressure grade.

IS 1239 GI Pipe Specification
SchedulesSCH 80, SCH 40, SCH XS, SCH 160, SCH XXS, All Schedules
Size range15mm Nominal Bore to 150mm Nominal Bore
DimensionsBS - 1387/1985 IS: 1239 (Pt l) - 2004
ToleranceCold rolled pipes: +/-0.05 milimeter Cold drawn Pipes: +/-0.1 milimeter
MarkingNominal Pipes Sizes
Manufacturing Method (Welded / Seamless)
Pipes Schedule or Wall Thickness
Supplier / Manufacturer's Name or Custom Logo - on request
Heat Number
StandardsASME, ASTM and API
Thickness3 to 12 milimeter
CraftCold drawn and Cold rolled
Size1/2 Inch Nominal Bore to 36 Inch Nominal Bore
FormRound, Hydraulic Etc
Additional TestingNACE MR0175, NACE TM0177, HIC TEST, H2 SERVICE, NACE TM0284, SSC TEST, IBR, etc.
EndBeveled End, Threaded Plain End,
Specialized inIS 1239 Large Diameter pipes
TypeERW / Fabricated/ Seamless / Welded
LengthMax18 Meters, Min 3 Meters or as per need
IS 1239 MS Pipe Weight Chart
IS 1239 Seamless Pipe Types

IS 1239 Pipe

IS 1239 Gi Pipes

API 5L Grade B SAW Pipes

IS 1239 MS Pipes

IS 1239 Seamless Pipes

API 5L Grade B HSAW Pipes

IS 1239 Class C Pipes

MS Pipe IS 1239 Seamless Pipes

Gi Pipe IS 1239 ERW Pipes

IS 1239 YST 210 Welded Pipes

IS 1239 YST 240 Tube

IS 1239 YST 310 Pipes

IS 1239 Yst 210 Pipes Stock
IIN NB IS 1239 Part 1 Pipes SCH 80IS 1239 GI SMLS Pipes
Schedule 40 IS 1239 PipesIS 1239 Part 2 CDW Pipes
IS 1239 Part 2 Welded Pipes12" Sch 140 Seamless IS 1239 Mild Steel Pipes
IS 1239 YST 310 10" Sch 160 PipesIS 1239 Mild Steel Thick Wall Seamless Pipes
IS 1239 Class C Ptfe Lined Pipes8" 29mm IS 1239 YST 240 Material
IS 1239 YST 240 Boiler PipesIS 1239 Class C 12" 37mm WT Pipes
Welded IS 1239 Grade Class C Mild Steel Cold Drawn PipesIS 1239 YST 210/355 Schedule 40 Pipes
IS 1239 GI EFW PipesIS 1239 Part 1 ERW Pipes
12 sch 100 IS 1239 YST 310 Seamless PipesIS 1239 Mild Steel Sch 80 Pipes
Europe/Japan/USA make IS 1239 GI PipesIS 1239 Part 1 Pipes, SCH 160, PL END
IS 1239 Grade Class C Mild Steel Hot Dip Galvanized PipesASME 836.10 IS 1239 YST 210/355 Bevelled SMLS Pipes
Cold Drawn IS 1239 Part 2 Seamless Pipes12" SCH. STD IS 1239 Mild Steel Pipes SMLS BE
Saudi Aramco Approved IS 1239 YST 310 PipesIS 1239 Mild Steel Lined Pipes
IS 1239 YST 240 Seam Welded PipesSCH XS IS 1239 Class C Pipes
High Temperature IS 1239 Part 2 PipesASME 836.10M 26" IS 1239 Pipes, BE END
SCHED 20 IS 1239 Grade Class C Mild Steel Boiler Seamless PipessThick Wall IS 1239 YST 210/355 Pipes
IS 1239 YST 310 Square PipesIS 1239 Mild Steel Epoxy Lined Pipes
IS 1239 GI Beveled End PCRMO pipesIS 1239 Part 1 Sch. 80 200 DN 36 Pipes
IS 1239 YST 240 Fabricated PipesIS 1239 Class C Round Pipes
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