ASTM A335 P9 Pipe

What Is ASTM A335 P9 Pipe?

ASTM A335 P9 grade is a ferritic seamless grade. The ASTM A335 P9 Pipe is a high-temperature grade that is designed with an outstanding composition of chromium and molybdenum alongside other alloying elements. This gives the Alloy Steel P9 Pipe superior resistance and tolerance to reducing and corrosive media across stress-induced setups. The high-strength P9 Pipe material showcases excellent mechanical properties. The grade has a minimum tensile strength of 60,000 PSI. The A335 P9 material has a minimum yield strength of 30,000 PSI and can be readily elongated by 30% and still showcase excellent workability. P9 Pipe has good formation capacity ensuring that the pipes can be shaped in different sizes to meet necessary project requirements. The ASTM A335 P9 Pipe is in the schedule between SCH 40 to SCH 160 and XXS. The pipes have plain, beveled, and threaded ends with a wall thickness between 3mm to 12mm. A335 P9 Pipe is widely used in power plants, nuclear plants, petrochemical industries, boilers, oil and gas equipment, refineries, steam plants, etc.

The piping components in the P9 grade are designed mostly in seamless configurations as they are susceptible to extreme pressures and temperatures. ASTM A335 P9 Seamless Pipe is manufactured by passing precise hot billets through a metal grade to form piping grades. The extrusion process used to produce the ASTM A335 Gr P9 SMLS Pipe gives them enhanced strength and outstanding load-bearing capacity. These pipes can be processed in a hot or cold rolling process. SA 335 P9 Hot Finished Seamless Pipes can be used in a pressurized vessel grade that is designed by processing the metal at extreme temperatures in mills. The A335 P9 Hot rolled pipe is characterized by a rough surface finish and may have rounded edges. Soon after the hot rolling process, the SA335 P9 Cold drawn pipes are processed at room temperature. Here the pipes are run over dies to give them enhanced tolerance and excellent surface finish. The A335 Gr P9 Round Pipes are designed with a circular cross-sectional area and can transport high-pressure fluids and gases in the system. 

ASTM A335 P9 Boiler Pipe Specification
Size1/2 to 36 Inch NB
StandardASTM A335 P9, SA335 P9
SchedulesSchedule 160, Schedule 40, Schedule 80, Schedule XXS, Schedule XS, All Schedules
Material Thickness3 To 12 Milimeter
ToleranceCold drawn pipe: +/-0.1 milimeter Cold rolled pipe: +/-0.05 milimeter
TypeSeamless / Fabricated
CraftCold drawn and Cold rolled
LengthStandard Double & In Cut length also.
pipes available in Form ofRectangular, Round, Square, Hydraulic
EndPlain End, Beveled End, Treaded
Types Of ASTM A335 P9 Pipe

ASTM A335 P9 Pipe

P9 Pipe

A335 P9 pipes

P9 Pipes material

ASTM A335 P9 Pipes

A335 P9 material

X11CRMO9-1 Chrome Moly Pipes

X12CRMO9-1 High Pressure Pipes

DIN 1.7386 High Temperature Seamless Pipes

SA 335 gr P9 Boiler Steel Pipes

ASTM A335 P9 steel Alloy Pipes

SA335 P9 Steel Pipes

ASTM A335 gr P9 Alloy Steel Pipes

SA335 gr P9 Pipes Material

AS ASTM A335 gr P9 Hot Finished Pipes

P9 Pipe Material Stock
ASTM A335 P9 steel exhaust PipesSA335 P9 Round Pipes
ASTM A335 gr P9 schedule 40 PipesSA335 gr P9 U Shaped Pipes
AS ASTM A335 gr P9 schedule 10 PipesSA335P9 Pipes
ASTM A335 grade P9 Gas PipesLow Alloy ASTM A335 P9 Seamless Round Pipes
ASTM A335 P9 Alloy Steel flex PipesFerritic Alloy Steel ASTM A335P9 Polished Pipes
Steel Grade P9Jindal PipesAlloy Steel A335 P9 Hydraulic Pipes
ASTM P9 straight PipesAlloy P9 ASTM A335Schedule 10 Type Pipes
ASTM A335 P9 threaded PipesSA 335 gr P9 Cold Drawn Pipes
ASTM A335 P9 Seamless PipesSA 335 gr P9 Pipes
ASTM A335 P9 steel Hollow PipesSA335 P9 Pipes
ASTM A335 gr P9 Rectangular PipesSA335 gr P9 braided Pipes
AS ASTM A335 gr P9 Thick Wall PipesSA335P9 corrugated Pipes
ASTM A335 grade P9 SCH40 PipesLow Alloy ASTM A335 P9 conduit Pipes
ASTM A335 P9 Alloy Steel Polished PipesFerritic Alloy Steel ASTM A335P9 dairy Pipes
Steel Grade P9 Thin Wall PipesAlloy Steel A335 P9 grooved Pipes
ASTM P9 PipesAlloy P9 ASTM A335 hydraulic Pipes
ASTM A335 P9 clad PipesSA 335 gr P9 high pressure Pipes
ASTM A335 P9 steel Braided PipesSA335 P9 jacketed Pipes
ASTM A335 gr P9 PipesSA335 gr P9 large diameter Pipes
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